Andaz costa rica resort at peninsula papagayo

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For otherworldly adventures through dreamy landscapes and seaside locations, come to the Andaz Costa Rica resort at Peninsula Papagayo. PEXS will ensure you have everything you need to enjoy your vacation, with or without your family. Our excellent amenities services and marina charters combine to build an unforgettable adventure for you.

Is it safe to travel to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a land full of unimaginable vacation promises – green canopies through the thick forests, the crystal-blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, and incredible vistas. Traveling here is much safer than going to the surrounding countries, and you’ll have a great time flying here. As soon as you start seeing exotic seaside resorts, forested areas, and sunny beaches, you know you’re in Costa Rica.

Before arriving here, you can use our amenities services to stock your hotel room with the necessary supplies. We will provide only the best products on the market efficiently and comfortably. Using our services means you’re enrolling in one of the most exclusive tourism services on Peninsula Papagayo. We have helped numerous tourists achieve their dreams in our beautiful and exotic part of the world.

The best parts of Costa Rica

Traveling to Costa Rica will be the best decision you’ll make all year. We have many tourist attractions in the forms of marine excursions on the Pacific Ocean, journeys through the jungle, and evening BBQs at the resort. The golden beaches are another major reason why so many people visit Costa Rica for a summer vacation.

What welcomes them is the 5-star comfort of the resorts, and the best panoramic views in the world. The Andaz Costa Rica resort at Peninsula Papagayo is one of the most comfortable and elite-level resorts here. Embarking on an adventure in Costa Rica means you need top-notch living conditions, ultimate comfort, and great outdoors activities.

The most beautiful vacation location

Arriving in Costa Rica will tell you one thing – that you’ve just come to paradise, where the sun drenches the sky-blue waters of the North Pacific Ocean. Rest for some time in the high-end resorts on the peninsula, and then go out to receive the authentic Costa Rican experience of exoticism and splendor.

We provide exclusive adventures on the sea and around it, like:

  • Family beaches – relax with your family on the most magnificent beaches around
  • Fishing expeditions – catch the biggest and meanest fish there is
  • Snorkeling – explore the hidden nooks and crannies of the reefs
  • Surfing – gain mastery over the surfing board, and ride the waves

Is Costa Rica a great place to visit?

Costa Rica might be the most fabulous vacation location to visit, but this is only true if you check-in at the Andaz Costa Rica resort at Peninsula Papagayo. The resort is part of the 1% resorts that take comfort to the next level – you will have the best housing conditions, and a good reason to prolong your vacation.

PEXS ensures your vacation is a success by offering a comfortable way to manage your activities. Golf, tennis, land, and sea adventures, we have something for everyone’s tastes.