Calvin Charles Gallery Hosts “The Start of Our Season” Event!

Calvin Charles Gallery Hosts “The Start of Our Season” Event!

Calvin Charles Gallery Hosts “The Start of Our Season” Event!

The Calvin Charles Gallery invites you to explore the wonderful works of their renowned artists of the season.

Who: The Calvin Charles Gallery
What: Celebrates “The Start of Our New Season”
When: Saturday, November 16, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Where: 4201 North Marshall Way, Scottsdale Arizona 85251

Special Appearances by Renowned Artists:
Pascal Pierme from France – Contemporary wood and metal sculpture
Stephanie Paige from U.S. – Abstract landscape painter
Kimber Berry from U.S. – Explosively colorful abstractionist

Introducing Internationally Acclaimed Artists:
Jaehyo Lee* from S. Korea – Sculptures
Mauro Perucchetti* from Italy – Acrylic Pop Art

*The Calvin Charles Gallery is the 2nd gallery in the U.S. to represent these international renowned artists.
Why: This special evening invites the community to The Calvin Charles Gallery to enjoy Scottsdale’s premiere contemporary gallery and their new international artists of the season.

Enjoy: Cocktails and Hors D’oeuvres

About The Calvin Charles Gallery

The Calvin Charles Gallery (CCG) has grown from a modest Asian antique dealer to a premier contemporary art destination. The Gallery is home to works from artists around the globe, CCG has proven to be a prime destination in the Phoenix metropolitan area for local and international art collectors. Known to be amongst the first to discover and bring internationally renowned artists to the United States, CCG is the 2nd gallery in the U.S. to represent Jaehyo Lee and Mauro Perucchetti. The Calvin Charles Gallery brings together an eclectic blend of international artists living and working in America, Europe, and China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Japan. CCG is pleased to represent nationally and internationally renowned artists such as Pascal, Jennyfer Stratman, Jeffrey Gluck, Stephanie Paige, Kimber Berry, and Monika Steiner, who have been represented in museum exhibitions and have been key additions to dynamic public collections.

The Calvin Charles Gallery is located on 4201 North Marshall Way, Scottsdale Arizona 85251.
Gallery hours are Mon - Wed: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm, Thu: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm,
Fri - Sat: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm and Sunday by appointment only. Phone number is 480-421-1818.

Pascal Pierme

About the Artist

Originally from France, Pascal is an artist and sculptor currently living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. You are invited to view samples of his wood and metal sculptures. Included are wall pieces and outdoor installations.

From my earliest beginnings as an artist, my constant intention has been to involve the viewer as the key element in the totality of the sculpture. To give birth to a sculpture or series of sculptures that will offer the opportunity for the viewer to participate in a conscious and sub-conscious dialogue with it, and in relation to the sculpture results in the powerful experience of inspiration, realization, motivation, self-inquiry, and infused creativity.

Stephanie Paige

About the Artist

Stephanie Paige has been captivated by all things creative her entire life as she was born into an extremely creative family full of painters, writers, musicians and craftsmen. Stephanie began painting abstracts as a young adult and started selling her paintings to private collectors. Stephanie moved to Southern California in 1990, where she went on to establish a career as a free-lance artist and illustrator. In 1993 she opened her business called "Paige Studio" where she published reproductions of her gallery paintings and sold them to retail stores. At the same time she began painting her murals, which became an instant success in Southern California. Stephanie created murals and artistic finishes full time for private and commercial clients for 15 years.

Stephanie has been published in several magazines such as; Decor & Style in 1999, San Diego Home & Garden Magazine in 2005, Art Business News in 2005, Kitchen Bath Design News Magazine in 2005, Equestrian Vision Magazine in 2006, Vision Magazine,The La Jolla Light in September 2011 and Luxe Magazine in 2010 and Sunset Magazine in 2011. Stephanie was the featured artist in The San Diego Union Tribune and in the The San Diego Art Guide in June of 2011. Stephanie's abstract’s were featured in The New York Times in June of 2010. In October of 2011 Stephanie work was selected and featured in San Diego Premier Magazine. In 2012 Stephanie's work was featured in Art Business News Magazine, Artsy Shark Magazine, San Diego Art Journal and Artscape Magazine. January 2013 Stephanie's Abstract work will be featured in The Home Of The Year in San Diego Home and Garden Magazine. April 2013 Stephanie's work was featured in the Urbanist and in the San Diego Art Guild.

Her public commissions were in Brother’s Restaurant in 2000, Black Horse Restaurant in Del Mar, CA in 2004 , The Inn At Rancho Santa Fe in Rancho Santa Fe, CA in 2004, New Park Hotel in Park City Utah in 2007, The Plaza Irvine CA from 2003 to 2009, The Crow Bar in Corona Del Mar, CA in 2007, Indigo in Hillcreast, CA. in 2012 and Detox Lounge in San Diego, CA. in 2012.

She started creating her current Abstract Mixed Media Collection in 2008 after becoming inspired with Buddhism giving a deeper meaning to her work. Stephanie's created a show at Indigo, in Hillcrest to raise funds for Breast Cancer in November 2011 to December 2013. Stephanie also is working with a non-profit gallery in Laguna beach called Transformation at Gallery 1951 who works directly with Wisdom Spring Inc., a non-profit organization that brings education and water through building wells to communities in Africa and around the world. Her work is currently showing there and some of the proceeds go directly to this charity.

Stephanie has nine galleries representing her currently in the US and Canada. The galleries are the Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery in La Jolla, CA, Art Concepts in Walnut Creek, CA, Jag Art in San Diego, CA, Transformation at Gallery 1951 in Laguna Beach, two of The Christopher Hill Galleries in St. Helena, CA and Healsdburg, Ca, Mixture in San Diego, CA., Pippin Gallery in Santa Fe, NM, Galerie Lydia Monaro in Montreal, Canada and in Mirada Fine Art Gallery in Indian Hills, CO. Stephanie’s abstract paintings have been collected worldwide from private art collectors.

Today Stephanie is an established contemporary artist working full time in her home studio and continues to actively hone her craft and enjoys working with the galleries that represent her.


Kimber Berry

About the Artist

American abstractionist Kimber Berry has captured the attention of the global art community over the past decade with her explosively colorful, visually dense, multi-dimensional canvases and installations. Often done on industrial materials, she masterfully and gleefully integrates elements of the digital and pure paint. She creates a symphonic dance between the virtual world and the organic universe and challenges the viewer to discern between them.

Berry's universe is an ultra-world that exists within and without the time/space continuum. In one moment the viewer is taken beneath the ocean's surface into a kaleidoscopic world of color and form suggesting coral reefs. In the next instant we are taken outside of the earth's atmosphere and even into other dimensions - and back - at the speed of our perception. Kimber Berry's world is consummately informed by her childhood.

Originally from Los Angeles, Berry grew up surrounded by over-the-top advertising and the glitz of Hollywood. This background was the genesis that fueled her desire to explore the psychological experience of living in an over-stimulated society, constantly bombarded by media noise. Her installations and paintings interlace, overlap and converge upon themselves in much the same manner of existing in multiple environments at once. The fluidity of paint and the brush stroke act as narrative tools to recreate the psychological compression of stimuli found in our society.

Berry creates simulated environments in which the observer can psychologically step within, creating an experience that engages the viewer on a deeper level. Moving beyond the rigid boundaries of painting distinctly within the edge of a canvas, Berry provides a fluid existence that allows her art to melt into, embed, connect, and disconnect, through the aspiration to fully engage a wall- essentially, becoming part of the space. Her paintings and installations exist in the psychological space between object and life, reality and illusion.



About the Artist

Korean contemporary art has for some decades now revealed a very special sensibility – neither Chinese nor Japanese, but containing elements that are reminiscent of both. Lee Jaehyo’s work shows immense respect for natural materials, but also the will to dominate what nature has provided. One is immediately struck by the perfection of his craftsmanship, and led to reflect on the many long hours of hard physical labour that must have gone into the production of these immaculate, yet also intricate objects.


About the Artist

Mauro’s art takes a critical yet light-hearted approach, relying on symbols to create meaning. He unites Pop aesthetics with social comment to address some of the most pressing and difficult issues in today’s society in a way that is subtle and accessible, without being trite, shocking or obscure.

Mauro’s work unites Pop aesthetics with social comment, addressing some of the most pressing and difficult issues in today’s society in a way that is subtle and accessible, without being trite, shocking or obscure. Mauro is an artist connected; he sees the bigger picture and world affairs and his finger on the pulse of contemporary society.

Mauro lives in London with his wife PR Director Lorena Perucchetti.




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