Gedion Galleries Grand Opening

Gedion Galleries Grand Opening

Grand Opening of Gedion Galleries in Sedona AZ by Internationally Acclaimed Zimbabwean Artist Gedion Nyanhongo

Nyanhongo’s House of Stones brings the ancient craft of Shona people of Zimbabwe to the Red Rock community -- art transcending cultural and social barriers, evoking deep emotional response in the observer’s search of the inner truths of life. The gallery located in uptown Sedona in Sinagua plaza boasts sculptor’s own and other world famous African artists’ praised authentic Shona masterpieces of unmatched quality, finest selection of African Wood Art, African Prints, Garden Art, African Jewelry, magnificently embroidered Kuba Cloths, unique and exotic in color and design Mud Cloths, Banana Leaf Art from Africa, clothing accessories, African Leather Handbags and wall decorations.

Gedion Nyanhogo’s first intimate artistic encounter and exploration of stone begins at the impressive age of 9, and by 22 he gains national recognition as a sculptor. Four years later, his stone sculptures are praised and celebrated internationally in Japan, England, France, Holland, Germany, and the United States. As a second generation Zimbabwean sculptor, he weaves the traditional values of his community with the ever expanding awareness of a global citizen-artist, addressing universal issues of love, hope, faith, happiness, family, soul-searching, protection of women and children, the relationship with the spiritual and mystical.

“When working, I always develop a collective focus that amplifies the intensity of feeling, inspiring the reactions that come from the uncarved boulders. I’d like my art to inspire people to seek beyond appearances, cultures, creeds and skin color in order to know and understand each other and the meaning of life,” explains Gedion.

In his hands, even the hard serpentine stone transforms into a smooth and flowing shape, elegantly expressing a hidden message to the viewer. As an artist-idealist who deeply embraces his family, country, and humanity as a whole, Gedion naturally uses his art to remind the viewer of what’s essential and meaningful in life. The hand carved stone sculptures thus have a cathartic and meditative effect on the viewer, which makes them highly praised and desirable.

Gedion is not the only artist in his family. His son, Courage, was also inspired by his dad’s passion for carving at the age of 3. He found a lot of joy being in the creative atmosphere of the family’s studio, and at the age of 8 produced several pieces proudly displayed in the family’s home. Courage is currently a student at the Art Institute of Phoenix and has already sold many pieces of his own. He works with his father Gedion, and both can often be seen together at the new gallery in uptown Sedona.

Gedion Galleries is a noteworthy contribution to both Zimbabwe’s visual and cultural art heritage and the Western world. Showcasing highly sellable stone sculptures of exceptional quality and authenticity, Gedion’s Sedona gallery is a natural result of the explosive interest in the West toward the early (first) and second generations of Shona art sculptors of Zimbabwe and their innermost message of harmonious life on individual and collective levels.

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