Phoenix Goes Pro with New Badminton Facility

Phoenix Goes Pro with New Badminton Facility


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Badminton Coach and Player Shibu Bhavanam brings a little bit of Poona (Badminton), a fast growing sport, to Phoenix. (The sport for a long period was called Poona, which comes from the Indian city of present day Pune.) If you’ve enjoyed the game of Badminton in the back yard or at your local high school, it’s good to know that a professional 8-court facility has just opened in North Phoenix, just 5 minutes from Scottsdale. No more need to search high and low for a recreation center or school that gives you only 2-3 hrs of gym time, and only once a week to get use of your Badminton racquets. This facility offers a tournament grade Badminton (World Federation Badminton) padded floor mats with 9 foot spacing between courts. No Basketball or Volleyball lines to deal with--just perfect Badminton flooring. The lighting is optimal between courts, so there are no center of the court blinding lights to distract any players. Coach Shibu Bhavanam, explained to us that he traveled to India, Malaysia, and China to learn first hand just how the top Badminton facilities are designed there. He planned to build his own club in the same manner, and his World Class facility is something rarely seen in the USA. Visit the Phoenix Badminton Center for a fun afternoon or for a serious workout. Either way you'll feel like a pro.

The Club is Open 7 Days a Week:
Monday to Friday 2:00 PM to 10.30 PM
Saturday and Sunday 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM

Our research tells us that Badminton is the #2 sport in India just after Cricket as a spectator sport. As an actively played sport, however, it really ranks #1 in Asia with almost half a billion people playing only in India. Badminton is one of the most popular sports in Europe as well.

Do you think Badminton is a beach or backyard sport? Then visit this professional facility to see how the game is really played. Most players will work out 2-4 hours at a time and burn tons of calories, while also having fun chasing the shuttlecock/bird. One of the toughest shots to achieve with lighting power is the jump smash where players jump as high as 5 ft vertically to get the sharpest downward smash at their opponents. When you have learned this it’s like learning how to slam dunk a basketball with power. The best jump smash has been clocked at a World Record of 421km/h. If you blink you won’t see it, it’s that fast. That’s said, you have to be in great shape to deliver that kind of speed and power.

Guinness World Record 【Fastest Badminton Smash 2013】493km/h

However, Badminton is also played just for fun and no need to be the best at it. In fact, when it’s too hot outside to play Tennis, this is probably the fastest game around with the most running. Just check out some of these statistics between the two sports.

Tennis vs. Badminton
Statistics don't lie. The speed and the stamina required for badminton are far greater than for any other racket sport. At the 1985 All England (Tennis) Championships, Boris Becker defeated Kevin Curren 6-3, 6-7, 7-6, 6-4. At the 1985 World Badminton Championships in Calgary, Canada, Han Jian of China defeated Morten Frost of Denmark, 14-18, 15-10, 15-8. The following is a statistical comparison of those matches.

Tennis vs. Badminton Tennis Badminton
Time:Ball/Shuttle in Play:Match Intensity*:Rallies:Shots:Shots Per Rally:

Distance Covered:

3 hrs & 18 mins18 mins9 percent2991,0043.4

2 miles

1 hr & 16 mins37 mins48 percent1461,97213.5

4 miles

* The actual time the ball/shuttle was in flight, divided by the length of the match.

Note that the badminton players competed for half the time, yet ran twice as far and hit nearly twice as many shots.


A little History of Badminton: In the 1860s, a game named Poona was played in India. This game is much like the Battledore and Shuttlecock, but with an added net. The British army learned this game in India and took the equipment back to England during the 1870s.

In 1873, the Duke of Beaufort held a lawn party in his country place, Badminton. A game of Poona was played on that day and became popular among the British society's elite. The new party sport became known as "the Badminton game". In 1877, the Bath Badminton Club was formed and developed the first official set of rules.

The International Badminton Federation (IBF) was formed in 1934 with 9 founding members.

- England
- Ireland
- Scotland
- Wales
- Denmark
- Holland
- Canada
- New Zealand
- France

Since then, major international tournaments like the Thomas Cup (Men) and Uber Cup (Women) were held.

Badminton became an Olympic sport when it was played at the first Olympic games in Spain in 1992. Though prior to that it was already a well known sport involved in many contest and tournaments. The first official matches actually started as far back as in 1904 in England.

From 9 founding members, International Badminton Federation now have over 150 member countries. The future of Badminton looks bright indeed.

Arizona Badminton Power Rankings

Celebrities known to have played Badminton seriously: Paul Newman and Jet Li

Phoenix Badminton Center
21430 North 15th Lane, Suite 114, Phoenix AZ 85027
Tel No:(602) 666-6169
Fax No:(623) 777-0477

Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 2:00 PM to 10.30 PM
Saturday and Sunday 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM

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