Snoop Dogg’s After-Party in Tempe, AZ

Snoop Dogg’s After-Party in Tempe, AZ

Snoop Dogg's After-Party in Tempe, AZ

Snoop Dogg's after the concert party was at The Firehouse Club on Mill street in the sleepy town of Tempe, AZ. Whoops… did I just say "sleepy"? Because tonight was far from sleepy; the students of ASU college town in Tempe were here to rumble, and rumble they did. Snoop Dogg was slated to arrive anytime between 11:00 PM and 11:30 PM.

To cover this event, I planned to arrive at 10 PM, even though the party started at 8:00. As I arrived, the line waiting to get in was 4-5 people deep and went around the building more than 1,000 feet. Wow, this party was already in full swing with DJ pumping the last new song and dance produced by brain child marketeer and COO George Gebran of US Egg Restaurants, the sponsor of the after-party and now producer of "Crack it, Whip it, Flip it" song and dance contest.  

The hip and slick video dance song was released for the first time that night, and the crowd of over 1,000 people were jamming to it while the video was playing it on a dozen video screens around the club. Watching the audience as the song was looped for at least 20 minutes, I was amazed that it went that long, but the crowd loved it and were shuffling and dancing to its fun lively beat really a dance tune.

At 10:45 Snoop Dogg had arrived and took over the DJ spotlight, and the after-party officially started. It seemed as if every other person pulled out a smart phone or iPhone and held it high over their heads to videotape Snoop Dogg for their YouTube or Facebook page.

It was amazing to see people as close as 6 ft from Snoop Dogg and get some great video coverage. In fact, a woman in front of me had her smart phone zoomed in on him with a crystal clear large screen coverage, pretty cool. I handed her girlfriend my card and asked her to send me a link or copy of the video, as it looked amazing on her screen, and she was at least 20 plus feet away from Snoop.

I have to say Snoop Dogg looked great and seemed fresh and ready the rock the night DJing for the crowd. Snoop cracked a couple of jokes about smoking in the club and was professionally pumping out the tunes via a MacBook Air using a virtual turntable. You could see he enjoyed DJing and loved the crowd. Even though he has trademarked his sunglass look, he did take them off for a brief moment and then seemed to say, "Oh no!", as if he didn't want photos without his sunglasses, but it was a kidding gesture.

All in all, the after-party was a huge success, with a crowd of people still outside the club unable to get in due to the limited space available. Here it was October 23, and Phoenix had hit 97 degrees in the day, and the club had to have hit 110 indoors with the crowd dancing non-stop. I ended my night at half past midnight, and Snoop Dogg was still turning the virtual tables. I left fully satisfied and with a smile on my face since I was able to get within 20 ft from the star. Many thanks to George Gebran of US Egg Restaurants for the V.I.P. invite. He really knows how to throw a party. The rest of you, enjoy the photos.

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